"I have been a continuous member of the Barbershop Harmony Society for over fifty-three years.(since I was 23), and sang in family quartets as a child and in an octet at Middlebury College, from which I graduated in 1962, I guess you can get a sense of its being a meaningful piece of my life. I am proud that I am comfortable in always begin able to reach a low E pitch (and even lower when I've been singing several hours and am really warmed up). Very few others go that low and are accurate to boot!"
Steve Holtz, Silk City Chorus Member

"Singing Barber Shop Harmony stimulates my soul, and promotes good will to others. You will experience great camaraderie with others while singing, and have an experience second to none! Each week, members donate many dollars to send selected high school students to Harmony College in Worcester during the summer, to be educated in Barbershop Singing at no cost to them. It's our way of passing harmony forward, and promoting singing throughout the world."
Bruce Mitchell, Lead Singer

"My new barbershop friends were a fresh start for me.  Just a few weeks in, I found myself on stage in a tuxedo, thinking this is FUN.Other Barbershoppers call special moments 'magical moments' or 'gold medal moments.' I have had a few. Singing in a nursing home we had a gentleman start singing with us who had not spoken in a year or two. I feel I am healthier, my mind is sharper due to the discipline of learning lots of music. And being retired, the chance to be with others and sharing the music is very special. We don’t just sing, we entertain! We don’t do concerts, WE DO SHOWS! The feeling of being under the lights, with the audience somewhere out there in the darkness, and you feel a wave of applause wash over you - that's addictive."
Neal Kellogg, VP of Advertising & Marketing

"My time spent creating beautiful music with all these guys enriches my life and all the lives our music touches. Singing is for life. Success in life is what we can bring to each other and music is a great way to impart joy. Barbershop music is just a structure of chords that can be used to arrange any song. It's not just 'Sweet Adeline.' It's the only style of music I know that can be sung at a high level by any amateur singer and you don't need to be able to read music to learn our songs. The Silk City Chorus is my home away from home. My relationship with all these gentlemen and the fact that we work hard together to spread love and joy through song for our communities is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life."
Steve LeClaire, VP of Youth in Harmony

"Barbershopper are some of the most generous, kind and supportive people I have ever had the pleasure of being around. Music is a gift and I enjoy being able to bring joy to others through my participation in the chorus. One critical thing I have learned is that music, consciously or sub consciously is deeply embedded in everyone. When people hear music it brings out memories, emotions, places and times in their lives. In barbershop we often refer to each other as brothers. Having that common bond and working as a team creates relationships and bonds that go beyond singing. We are a family in many ways."
Ron Keith, VP of Chapter Development